Dropped feature in CS 13.00

Why was dropped feature - E-Mail scaning in F-Secure CS 13.00?


  • M_M
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    I know what Windows XP outdated OS, but ...

    Does F-Secure PM 13.00 perform software updates check on Windows XP hosts?

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    CS13 can not be installed on XP

  • M_M
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    I know it. I asked, can F-Secure Policy Manager 13.00 support  software updates scan on Windows XP with CS 11.61?

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    > software updates scan on Windows XP with CS 11.61?


    The F-Secure CSS version 11 product has been officially end-of-life since summer of 2016, so the question doesn't make sense, it is simply not usable any more for any purpose.


    The Windows XP platform is no longer supported at all by F-Secure and people should upgrade to Win 10 or 8.1 at least or switch to some Linux distro on the affected computers.


    Furthermore, while it was a long time ago, I'dont remember a "premium" edition being available in FSAVCS 11.61 and with only the baseline/standard edition of FSAVCS there is no "Software Upater" module, so it couldn't can for updates even if the sysadmin wanted that.
    (Just checked an indeed there was STD and PRO already in FSAVCS 11.61. However ver 11.61 is already end-of-life and may soon cease to do whatever little protection duty it may still have as F-Secure transitions to a new scan engine architecture with new kind of databases.)


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • M_M
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    There is an example on F-Secure PM 12.40



  • A-Grinkevitch
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    Hi M_M,
    PM 13.00 does not introduce any changes in the Software Updater logic, so it works as before even with old CS versions. PM 13.00 introduced only visual changes: more columns, that are now customizable and search in the table.

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    Hi A-Grinkevitch,


    Thank you for the answer.

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