connection control session with Google Chrome in Internet Security 13.00

We have just installed FSPM 13.00 and Internet Security 13.00. 

at least one user has a problem when starting Google Chrome. If he starts Google Chrome, all connections from computer are lost and then Firefox shows a window, saying: "Connection control is active". Where can I change this? Is this an policy option in FSPM?


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    Hello Arachaen,


    I guess, you have Client Security 13.00.

    In Policy Manager Console > Settings (Standard view) > Browsing protection tab you can find policies related to Connection Control. You can disable it and check if it helps.


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  • Hi Vad!


    Thanks for your reply. That was correct path to it, but the functionality still works faulty.

    There were no sites specified, but yet still Client Security set connection control on, if a user did go to a banking site. Shouldn't those banking sites be available in site listing (or actually I would prefer that it wouldn't do anything, if the list is empty, as it is in our Policy Manager).

    The other user, that had this problem today, the connection control even didn't stop, when user closed the FF browser. The first user who stumbled to this problem, did get rid of it by closing his Chrome browser.

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    I'm not sure, if I understand your scenarios correctly.

    Do i understand correctly, that if you disable connection control, you don't have problems?


    If connection control is enabled it can block access to other sites, if there is an active session with a bank website (the list of such websites is very big, internal and not visible in the Policy manager).

    In addition to this list, you may specify your own list of websites you want to protect in a similar manner.

    If you think something is working wrong, please, contact support. We will need more detailed information from affected machines for analysis, and descriptions of failing scenarios.


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  • I have disabled connection control using Policy Manager yesterday. So I don't have results of that yet, but we can presume it will disable the connection control and the problems will be gone - yes.


    Then comes the but, I think that connection control fails, because it doesn't end, even if the FF browser is disabled.


    So we have (at least) two users, who both have had this problem. It behaved differently for both of users:

    1. Google Chrome user: connection control was set, but user didn't recognized he had a tab open for banking and this caused confusion; connection control session ended when user closed Chrome => Functioning as expected

    2. Firefox user: connection control was set, when user authenticated at banking site; connection control session did not end, when user left the bank's authentication site and even closing of the browser did not end the connection control session => Failure (and certainly not what was expected)


    And in my earlier response I was expecting that internal bank list would have been listed in Policy Manager, but now that you said its not there, I do get why its not there.


    I have created a support case to F-Secure for this, but haven't received a response (it's only 18 hours (and like 3 working hours)) from ticket creation, so I am not even expecting that yet.

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