How to manage Email and server security?

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Yesterday I was forced to remove email and server security from our email server, since I could not manage the settings via web console. 


I'm running server 2008r2. What are my options to manage Email and Server security settings?


I recall asking for a management console for servers (the same the workstations got) couple of years ago, I guess this is still not implemented?


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    A. Use the F-Secure Policy Manager's Console for centralized administration.


    B. The advanced local GUI binary
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\FSGUI\fsavaui.exe"
    is available in FSAV (E)SS 12.11.


    It can be used to change most settings, provided they are not locked down via FSPMC.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    use Policy Manager, which is the better Option as you can simply do the setting s to a policy Domain and add the server to that. You would not loose the settings on reinstall.


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    Thanks! I'll try both.  

    Last time I checked web console settings contradicted with PMs settings, but hope reinstallation will fix this also.

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    Don't forget to apply the hotfixes, one f them was addressing the WebUI

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    F-Secure Web User Interface 1.70 Hotfix 01 170.01

    ID: FSWEBUI170-HF01

    Hotfix can be applied to versions: 10.10
    Maximum distribution package size: 12,5 MB
    Package is signed by F-Secure

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