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Due to the sad news for WPA2


Where are Sense on that part? Safe, or update on they way?



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    I would like to see a specific statement or update change log, where the CVE's are listed. 

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    Me too. 


    F-Secure, please provide us with clear and coherent information. According to the blog post linked above, we should consider getting a Sense router to stay safe from KRACKattack and the equivalent. Well, some of us already did. So are we safe yet or not? 



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    F-Secure, if you want to stay at consumer business and be profiled as a high security vendor, you have to invest also to the communication and response. Was this a surprise to you guys that people will start asking a) if they are safe b) release notes c) official response d) actual update?


    Please take a look at the list for the big boys:


    PS. It might not hurt you to be included as "updated" in listings like this... 


  • Well sense is based on ddwrt so it might also be affected and needs an update.

    And I can bet anything on that they are either working on releasing a fix or sense is not affected.

    But a fix on sense side does not fix the client side of all wifi using devices which also need a fix if I understood the issue right.

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    Which is why people are installing MS and Android updates as well... 

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    Came here looking for an answer on this, too.  The announcement of this fix, when complete, should be sent via e-mail to all users, not just in a forum post.

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    Hello Everyone,


    We've created KRACK fix and we're currently putting it through quality control. We'll push the update out as soon as the testing is done.


  • Fw with fix has been released about 3 hours ago. Reboot sense to upgrade faster.

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    Thanks @FormerMember for sharing with the others. 

    For more information please refer to this page

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