Why does F-Secure SAFE go inactive on my Huawei device?

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F-Secure SAFE stops running when the display is turned off.


Due to the aggressive power management functionality in Huawei Android devices, the F-Secure SAFE app may get killed by the software in an attempt to extend battery life. This may affect the Family Rules feature in F-Secure SAFE preventing it from working properly.


To ensure F-Secure SAFE is working as effectively as possible, add F-Secure SAFE to the Protected apps list on your Huawei Android device.

  1. On your Huawei device, go to Settings > Advanced Settings.
  2. Select Battery manager > Protected apps.
  3. Find F-Secure SAFE from the list and toggle the switch to the On position.


Starting from SAFE version 17.7, the SAFE app guides you on your Huawei device on how to prevent the Ultra Power Saving mode from switching off the SAFE app. For more information, see this article.

Attention: The Ultra Power Saving mode in Huawei devices turns everything off except for Phone, SMS and Contacts. F-Secure SAFE is also turned off unless you enable the app and add it to the Protected apps list as explained.