F-Secure FREEDOME for iPhone and iPad doesn't connect to any location

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Katriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee


F-Secure FREEDOME is unable to connect to any of the locations. This seems to happen more on WiFi networks than with mobile data.


By default, FREEDOME uses the IKEv1 protocol. With devices running iOS 10 or later, FREEDOME uses the IKEv2 protocol which is an updated version of IKEv1.

However, some older routers, modems and firewalls may not support IKEv2, or they may have been configured not to pass the IKEv2 protocol through. If you're experiencing this problem, check your router, modem and firewall configuration to see if that could explain the issue.


If you cannot use IKEv2 in your network, you can switch back to IKEv1 by opening the FREEDOME menu, selecting Settings and turning off the Use IKEv2 option.