How does F-Secure TOTAL licensing work?

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With F-Secure TOTAL, you can choose from either a 3, 5, or 7 device subscription. For example, if you have purchased an F-Secure TOTAL subscription for 5 devices, this includes:

  • 5 licenses for F-Secure SAFE,
  • 5 licenses for F-Secure FREEDOME,
  • 5 licenses for F-Secure KEY, and
  • A subscription for F-Secure SENSE that entitles you to home protection. *

When using KEY with TOTAL, if you have a 5-device license, this means five different users can use KEY on their devices. These five users can then sync their passwords with an unlimited number of devices.

* F-Secure SENSE home protection consists of a subscription and a router. Your F-Secure TOTAL subscription entitles you to the subscription part of F-Secure SENSE; the SENSE router is available for purchase at a reduced price in the following countries.

You can see how many licenses you have available/in use for your TOTAL apps in the My F-Secure portal.