Why is my WiFi extender shown as "This device" on the Devices screen of the SENSE Router app?

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If you have set up WiFi extenders, or repeaters, to boost the WiFi signal in your home network, and set up your SENSE network so that your device with the SENSE Router app is connected to the extender and the extender to SENSE Router, the WiFi extender may be shown incorrectly as This device on the Devices screen of the SENSE Router app.


This issue does not occur with all WiFi extenders.

And when it occurs, it does not only occur on the device with the admin app. Any device that is connected to the WiFi extender may be reported incorrectly. For example, the router may be detected as a Windows PC if there is a PC connected to it.

If the extender does not support wireless distribution system (WDS) technology but uses the Proxy ARP mechanism (a technique in which the MAC address of the extender is used for all the devices behind the extender), SENSE Router cannot distinguish between the devices.


Based on the tests we have carried out, to avoid the above-described issue, extenders supporting WDS technology work best with SENSE Router.