What is the routing and WiFi capability of F-Secure SENSE Router?

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With F-Secure SENSE Router, we have designed a product that enables you to set up a safe, secure home network for all your connected devices. F-Secure SENSE Router emphasizes security and privacy first and foremost while offering current WiFi technology.

F-Secure SENSE Router complies with the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless networking standards. The SENSE Router WiFi is rated AC1750 class. The wireless data rates in these classifications are nominal values derived from the IEEE standards 802.11 specifications.

Routing capacity is roughly between 350-650 Mbit/s when the security features are turned on and will depend on your traffic profile; that is, whether you are just browsing or also downloading files, or uploading content to the Internet or using a streaming service to watch a movie.

The wireless data throughput depends on the frequency band used, but also environmental factors, such as the layout of the building, materials used in the building, the radio signal obstacles, and so on. It also depends on certain network conditions, for example the interference from other radio sources in the area.

Nevertheless, rest assured that you can enjoy multiple simultaneous 4K video streams and fast-paced video games while SENSE Router is protecting your network traffic.