Why does Google think I may be a robot when using F-Secure FREEDOME?

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JaliJali Posts: 1,769 F-Secure Employee

When using a Google service, such as Google Search, you may be asked to confirm that you're not a robot when you're using F-Secure FREEDOME.

This is also known as a CAPTCHA check. There are different versions of CAPTCHA checks in the various Google services. The most common is just a simple checkbox but some others may ask you to type in words from pictures or to select certain photos from a screenful of different pictures.

The reason why Google does this to FREEDOME users is most likely the following:

There is a large amount of FREEDOME users accessing Google services at the same time and they are coming from the same FREEDOME IP addresses. Each FREEDOME server in each virtual location has its own IP address, and all the users of that server share that same IP address. This also enhances the privacy of our users.

Google, however, sometimes flags this behavior suspicious - they may see, for example searches in 10 different languages for 10 different topics at the same time, all originating from the same address. To ensure that you are not a robot doing potentially malicious things, Google may sometimes display a CAPTCHA check before allowing you to use the Google Search or other Google services.

A CAPTCHA check like this cannot be used to identify you.

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