What's new in PSB E-mail and Server Security 12.x?

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This article describes the new features and improvements in PSB E-mail and Server Security 11.00. It also lists the dropped features.

New features and improvements

  • Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Support for Windows Server 2016
  • Integration with F-Secure Security Cloud for email and attachment scanning
  • Web traffic scanning advanced protection

    You can filter out potentially dangerous content types on unknown websites. By default, the filtering is disabled.

  • Web Console visual and structural improvements

    Web Console navigation is revised, the terminology is adjusted to be more clear and self-descriptive. Some pages and tabs that had common functionalities have been combined to make the administration easier.

  • Email Quarantine Manager web application

    The new version has a new web application for the email quarantine management for help desk users. The application is aimed for users with limited access and no administrative privileges, and it provides a subset of quarantine management functionality. Web Console features are not affected by this application. To deploy Email Quarantine Management application, see the configuration instructions that are provided with the product installer.

  • Report-only option for on-demand and scheduled email scanning

    Added support to scan email boxes in the report-only mode. When running in this mode, the email content is not modified, for example no disinfection or other content-altering operations take place.

  • Real-time operations between the portal and client (this is an upcoming feature and its availability will be announced later)

    When you assign an operation from the portal to a client, the client performs the operation within a very short period of time and no longer waits until the next polling interval. The client reports back to the portal on the completion of the operation or when its state changes. If you have limited connections from the client to the Internet, you must allow HTTPS access to the real-time service backend to ensure that the client can use the new functionality. Addresses of the real-time services can be found here: https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Business/Real-time-operation-support-and/ta-p/82413.

  • Enhanced security on client-server communication

    To improve security and privacy, all communication between end-point computers and F-Secure PSB servers are now encrypted using the HTTPS protocol. This improvement secures the data transmission between the client and F-Secure PSB servers so that it cannot be monitored by external malicious interceptors on the route. If you have limited connections from the client to the Internet, you need to allow HTTPS access to the F-Secure update server. To check the server address in the product user interface, open F-Secure PSB Workstation Security and go to Settings > Other settings > Automatic updates > Update server. To the update server address, enable the HTTPS protocol on port 443 in addition to HTTP on port 80.

  • Service recovery

    F-Secure services are configured to restart automatically if they stop unexpectedly.

  • Other changes and improvements

    Email and Server Security triggers alerts if F-Secure Quarantine Management (FQM) runs into problems. The product comes with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Service Pack 2 Express.

Dropped features

  • Windows Server 2003
  • MS Exchange 2003
  • DAAS1
  • Blacklight engine
  • SQL Express 2005 support SQL Server 2005 is not supported any longer. The new format of the quarantine management database requires SQL Server 2008 or above. If you used SQL Server 2005 for the quarantine management, update SQL Server to one of recommended versions before updating PSB Email and Server Security to version 12.10.