What is Next-gen Policy Manager Proxy?

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Note: Next-gen proxy is a feature that continues to evolve and is subject to further improvements.

Next-gen proxy is a role of Policy Manager Server, in which it proxies certain requests to Master Server while serving BackWeb and software updates locally. This way the most heavyweight traffic is offloaded from the Master, allowing for some level of optimization of the costly and high latency traffic towards Master Server.

Secure connections are used both between hosts/proxy and proxy/master Server. For that to function proxy nodes certificates should be pre-configured.

Managed hosts connect to proxy nodes configured using the Policy Manager Proxies table. Next-gen Policy Manager Proxy supports the following traffic types:

  • Polices, status, alerts, scanning reports, firewall unknown applications, diagnostic reports, installation packages (HTTPS)
  • Backweb traffic (HTTP)
  • Software updates (HTTPS)

Note: Software Updater XML databases are always downloaded from the Master Policy Manager, disregarding proxy nodes at all times.