How do I buy F-Secure TOTAL from our eStore?

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Follow these instructions to buy F-Secure TOTAL from our estore and get set up with an account.

Buy the product

  1. Go to our website.
  2. Click the Buy now button.

    The shopping cart opens.

  3. On the Your cart page, select:
    1. The license period;
    2. The number of devices (licenses); and,
    3. If you'd like to use automatic renewal.

      Note: With auto-renewals, the next renewal is done automatically when your subscription ends. You can cancel the automatic renewal anytime before the next renewal date.

  4. Click Checkout. The order information page opens.
  5. On the Order Information page, fill in the following:
    1. If not prefilled, enter your personal information;
    2. Tick the box if you are a business;
    3. Add your ZIP/Postal code;
    4. Select your preferred payment method and fill in the necessary details.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. On the Confirm order page, check your order details, and click Buy now. Your order is processed and your order reference number appears on the Done page.
  8. Once your purchase is complete, click Create an account for My F-Secure. The account creation page is displayed.

    Note: You can also create the account via the link in the order confirmation email.

Create your My F-Secure account

  1. Fill in your name and email address in the relevant fields. Make sure you enter your email address correctly, as it will be used as part of your login credentials.
  2. Create a password.

    Note: Make sure that you enter your account password correctly. To check there are no typos in your password, tick Show password.

  3. Tick the Send me the latest news, tips, and special offers box, if unticked, to receive updates from F-Secure.
  4. Select Accept and create account. You are redirected to the My F-Secure main page.
  5. Check your email inbox:
    • In the Please confirm your email address email, click on Confirm to ensure you receive updates from F-Secure; and,
    • In the Activate your F-Secure account now email, click on the link to confirm your email address for your account.

    Your account is confirmed and created.

You will receive a welcome email with instructions for installing the TOTAL apps.

Note: You need to install each TOTAL app separately.

If you want to install F-Secure SAFE immediately, on the main page of your My F-Secure account, click Add device.

If you have any payment or order-related inquiries, feel free to contact cleverbridge Customer Support