How to activate the browsing protection extension for Chrome or Firefox on a Mac computer

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These steps apply to both the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

  1. Select on the product icon in the menu bar.
  2. Select Preferences. Make sure that the Browsing protection tab is open.
  3. Select Install browser extension. The Browsing protection installation window opens.
  4. From the Choose your browser drop-down, select either Chrome or Firefox—depending on what browser you use, and select Install now.
    • In Chrome, the Chrome web store page appears.
    • In Firefox, a small dialogue appears.
  5. Select one of the following depending on your browser.
    1. For Chrome: Select Add to Chrome, then Add extension.
    2. For Firefox: Select Add, then Add extension.
Once the extension has been activated, browsing protection can protect you against harmful web sites. It also helps you identify harmful sites when making web searches by giving a rating next to the search result.