How do I access and download the two-step verification recovery codes for My F-Secure?

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Katriina_MKatriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee
  1. Log in to My F-Secure with your account username and password.
  2. Once logged in, select <your name> > Account settings, and then select F-Secure account settings.
  3. Next to the 2-Step Verification status, click Change.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click View current recovery codes to view the codes in your web browser.
    • Click Download recovery code as as a text file. The codes are downloaded on your computer as a .txt file. Go to your Downloads folder, and save your codes in a safe place.
    • Click Generate new recovery codes > Generate to create a new set of recovery codes.
      Note: When you generate new recovery codes, the previously generated codes will no longer work. Remember to save the new codes.

After setting up the two-step verification for your My F-Secure account, remember to save the recovery codes. The recovery codes are an important safeguard so that you can access your My F-Secure account if, for some reason, you are unable to access the mobile authentication app.


Keep the codes safe and make sure that only you can access them. You can only use each code once and in the order that they are listed.
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