Unable to access F-Secure Web Console when accessing from a different host

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The user is unable to access F-Secure Web Console when trying to access it from a different host.


You are not able to access F-Secure Web Console. Instead, the following error message is displayed: The page cannot be displayed.


To resolve the issue, you should first try to access Web Console by using the name or IP address of the server (e.g. on cluster MS Exchange server).

To work around the issue, you can change access to Web Console by using the configuration file as follows:

  1. Stop the FS WebUI Daemon service.
  2. Open Notepad, and drag and drop the webui file from the \program files\f-secure\web user interface\bin\ folder to Notepad.
  3. Instead of the local IP address (, add, e.g. your workstation IP address to the Allowed1 field and save the file.
  4. Start the FS WebUI Daemon service again.