How FREEDOME works with multiple user accounts on the same device

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Due to certain limitations in operating systems, FREEDOME subscription allocation and configuration work differently whenever multiple user accounts are used on the same device. Below are the scenarios in which FREEDOME behaves differently:

Windows & Mac

Note: The below statements are valid for all versions of FREEDOME for Windows and FREEDOME for Mac version 2.x and above only.

  • The license is shared between all user accounts; one subscription covers all the user accounts.
  • The settings are shared between all the user accounts; every user can change the settings and turn the product on or off.
  • When a VPN connection is already active on a user account, this connection is taken into use by all other user accounts on the device.


  • The license cannot be shared between different user accounts; each user account requires its own subscription.
  • The settings are not shared between user accounts; all user accounts are independent of each other and the settings and configuration on one particular user account do not affect other users on the device.
  • Each user account is isolated. VPN connection is not shared with other users on the device.

Note: Apple iPhones and iPads are not affected as the iOS operating system does not support multiple user accounts.

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