If your Banking Protection session does not automatically close on bank logout

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In some cases, Banking Protection does not close automatically when you log out of your online bank, and it may block access to other websites. The notification banner remains hanging at the top of your computer screen.


Normally when Banking Protection deems your banking website safe for you to use, a notification banner appears at the top of your computer screen indicating that Banking Protection is activated, and that you are entering an online banking website secured with https.

When you log out of your online banking session, the notification at the top of your computer screen should close automatically. If this does not happen, please let us know about it as follows:


  1. Open up a new browser tab, and:
    1. Log into your online bank.
    2. Log out of your online bank.
    3. Copy the web address (URL) of the logout page.
  2. Go to the Submit A Sample web form, and create a ticket.
    1. Paste the web address (URL) you just copied into the Sample URL text box.
    2. Check "I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results", and fill in the contact form.
    3. Under URL Type, select "Banking Protection related issue or problem".
    4. Under Problem Type, select "Banking session does not end after logout".
    5. In the Subject field, type in Banking logout URL.
    6. Enter any other information (if any) under the Description text box.
    7. Input the CAPTCHA, and click on Submit URL sample.
  3. On the Banking Protection notification banner, click End to close Banking Protection.
The web addresses (URLs) are added to our database, which in turn helps improve and enhance the service.