Can I have more than one security product installed on my device?

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Khairul_AKhairul_A Posts: 272 F-Secure Employee

We recommend that you have just one security product on your computer. F-Secure's security product needs to open files to scan them. If another security product is trying to open the same files at the same time, it has to wait for the files to become free. This often causes problems. For example, programs may not start correctly or the whole system may crash.

Our security product detects and removes security and firewall products of most security software vendors automatically during installation. However, new versions of other vendors' security products are being released all the time and because of this, it takes time for F-Secure to react and support the uninstallation of all of them. This is why we recommend removing other security or firewall software manually before installing F-Secure security products on your device.

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