How can I upgrade F-Secure FREEDOME for Mac to a new version?

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Katriina_MKatriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee

When a new version of F-Secure FREEDOME for Mac OSX is available, the following dialog is shown if FREEDOME is running:


If you don't have FREEDOME running, the dialog will be shown once you start FREEDOME the next time. To upgrade FREEDOME:

  1. Click the Download and install button. This will download the newest FREEDOME to your Downloads folder.
  2. You need to quit FREEDOME before the upgrade can take place. If you have FREEDOME running (either in the background or with its user interface open), click the FREEDOME icon in the Menu Bar on top of your screen and select Quit:


  3. Open the Downloads folder and locate the
    file. Double-click it to upgrade your FREEDOME installation.
  4. FREEDOME is upgraded once you drag to the Applications folder. You have to type in your password when upgrading. Replace the existing if you are prompted to do so:


Note: If you see the following error message about being in use, quit it as described in the step 2 above:


Once you've upgraded FREEDOME, the new version needs to update your configuration. This will also prompt you for your password.

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