FREEDOME VPN connection drops frequently on Huawei or Huawei Honor devices

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You are getting unstable FREEDOME VPN connection, or experiencing intermittent connection drops when connected to FREEDOME VPN on Huawei or Huawei Honor devices.


Huawei's Emotion UI (EMUI) silently stops FREEDOME from running in the background in order to save battery or system resources on the device.


To prevent EMUI from stopping FREEDOME, you need to lock FREEDOME as a protected app in the EMUI settings.

Note: Different EMUI versions may have different steps.

  1. In the EMUI device management settings under Power Saving, set the device power saving mode to Normal/Smart or Performance.
  2. Define the FREEDOME app as a Protected app through the EMUI settings (EMUI 3.x) or device management app (EMUI 4.0).
  3. Lock the FREEDOME app manually by going to the list of open apps and dragging the FREEDOME app down slightly in the list.

Note: You must re-set the above steps after restarting the device as EMUI does not keep the setting over a restart of the device.