Setting favorites in the Favorites view in F-Secure KEY on mobile devices

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Katriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee

On the mobile version of F-Secure KEY, you have space for eight favorite entries in the Favorites view. When you add a new entry to F-Secure KEY, your password goes directly to the Favorites view if there is space.

If you add a password to KEY, and there is no space left in the Favorites view, first remove a favorite from the view.

  1. To remove a favorite from the view:
    1. In the Favorites view, tap the favorite you want to remove.
    2. Tap the star icon.

      The favorite is removed.

  2. To add a favorite to the view:
    1. Go to the password entry you want to add.
    2. Tap the star icon.

      The favorite is added to the favorites view.

Tip: If your passwords are synchronized across several of your devices, you can set different favorites on each device.