How do I install F-Secure KEY on my Mac for the first time?

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Katriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee

The following steps describe how you can install F-Secure KEY on your Mac from scratch. You can find the installation packages for F-Secure KEY on our website.

To install F-Secure KEY on Mac OS X (10.10 and later):

  1. Download the .dmg installation package to your Mac. The application icon and the installation folder appear.
  2. Drag the application icon on top of the installation folder (as with any other OS X software), and installation takes place.
  3. When installation is complete, create your F-Secure KEY Master Password.

Remember that your Master Password is very important, as it is the gatekeeper to all your password data.

Important: We strongly recommend that you create an F-Secure KEY Master Password Recovery Code as soon as you have taken F-Secure KEY into use as this is the only way for you to regain your F-Secure KEY Master Password if you forget it.