Can F-Secure restore a forgotten F-Secure KEY Master Password?

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Katriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee

No. For your security, F-Secure cannot restore or reset your F-Secure KEY Master Password. This has been a conscious decision by us to increase your security and privacy. Restoring a Master Password means we need access to your Master Password, and this could be a security risk.

Although we cannot restore your Master Password for you, you can, however, create a Master Password Recovery Code in order to recover your Master Password if you forget it. Therefore, we recommend that you create your F-Secure KEY Master Password Recovery Code as soon as you have taken the password manager into use.

The Master Password Recovery Code is a unique and personal code that is the only means of regaining access to KEY, should you forget your Master Password. It is strongly encrypted and can only be decrypted on one of your connected devices. This means that it cannot be decrypted on any other user device.