How do I install F-Secure SAFE on my Mac?

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Before you start installing F-Secure SAFE, make sure that:

  • Your Mac OS is up to date.
  • You have uninstalled incompatible software(s) from another vendor.
  • You are logged on to your computer with administrative rights.
  • You have an active My F-Secure account. To create an account, see article How to create an account for My F-Secure?
  • You have an internet connection.

Note: These steps are to install F-Secure SAFE onto the computer you are currently using.

  1. Log in to My F-Secure with your account username and password.
  2. In My F-Secure, select TOTAL apps in the top bar.
  3. On the My F-Secure dashboard, select SAFE.
  4. Select Add device. The Whose device do you want to protect? window appears.
  5. Select My device, and then select Continue. The Choose device type window appears.
  6. Select This computer, and then select Download for Mac.
  7. Depending on your browser:
    • The installer file downloads automatically; or
    • You are asked to save the file. If prompted, select Save File.
  8. When the download is done, open your download folder and run the installer. The setup wizard appears.
  9. On the Install F-Secure SAFE Introduction page, select Continue.
  10. Select for whom you'd like to install F-Secure SAFE, and then select Continue.
  11. On the Installation Type page, select Install. You may be required to enter your administrator password. Type in your administrator password and select Install software.
  12. On the Activate window, select Continue to activate. Type in your administrator password again to allow F-Secure to make some changes.
  13. F-Secure SAFE prompts you to install Browsing Protection. Select your internet browser from the drop down menu, and then select Install now.
  14. As the installation process may vary from browser to browser, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Browsing Protection installation.

F-Secure SAFE is now installed on your device, and your device is protected.