Error message appears on web UI after upgrading to Linux Security 11.00

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Katriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee


After upgrading to Linux Security Full Edition version 11.00, the following error message appears on the web UI: The requested resource is not available.


This error message appears if the fsicout.txt file is present in the /opt/f-secure/fsav/tomcat/webapps/fsecure/ directory during the upgrade. If this file is present, it prevents the directory from being removed, resulting in the error message.

Note: The fsicout.txt file is the output file during the baseline creation via the web UI.


This issue can be solved by copying the fsicout.txt file to a temporary location and deleting the directory manually. The following steps run through the procedure in more detail:

  1. Copy the fsicout.txt file to any temporary location (for example: /tmp)

    # cp /opt/f-secure/fsav/tomcat/webapps/fsecure/fsicout.txt /tmp
  2. Delete the following directory manually.

     # rm -rf /opt/f-secure/fsav/tomcat/webapps/fsecure
  3. Restart the fsma service.

     # /etc/init.d/fsma restart
  4. Copy the fsicout.txt file back to its original location.

    # cp /tmp/fsicout.txt /opt/f-secure/fsav/tomcat/webapps/fsecure