How do I switch on the F-Secure KEY keyboard on Android?

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Khairul_A Posts: 272 F-Secure Employee

When you install F-Secure KEY, the app introduces its own virtual keyboard on your device. To use the KEY keyboard, you need to switch it on in your Android settings. The location of this setting depends on the version of your Android device. Check your device manual for further details.

For devices running on Android 8 and later, the keyboard settings are located at Settings > General management > Language and input.

To switch on the F-Secure KEY keyboard:

  1. Under Keyboards, first tap Show Keyboard button and then On-screen keyboard.
  2. Under On-screen keyboard, tap Manage keyboards.
  3. Under Manage keyboards, tap F-Secure KEY to switch it on.
If you want to check that the F-Secure KEY keyboard is switched on, open up something that involves writing text. Then tap the keyboard icon on the navigation bar. You are shown a list of available keyboards, and F-Secure KEY should be listed as one of the options.