Does the SENSE Router or the F-Secure SENSE Router app send my data traffic to F-Secure?

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Katriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee

No, your data traffic doesn't get sent to F-Secure. In terms of data collection, our guiding principle is that we do not seek to snoop or spy on the exact contents of your private communications.

To enable us to offer you the best protection, we check and analyze parts of your data traffic. For example, based on the URL, we check that the websites you want to visit are not harmful, or we check that the files and apps you download don't contain viruses or are otherwise harmful.

This data analysis takes place in the F-Secure SENSE Router, as well as in the F-Secure SENSE Router app on your device, if applicable. That is, the analysis is done locally in your home network as much as possible. If the local analysis proves inconclusive and the file or app may pose a threat, a sample of the file or app is sent to our Security Cloud for further analysis, anonymously and fully encrypted.

To add an extra layer of defense to the SENSE Router, we also analyze the types of devices, including your IoT devices, in your SENSE network by sending this type of device data upstream for identification.

For more information, see Security Cloud.