How do I renew my F-Secure SAFE subscription?

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This article only applies to you if you have opted to renew your F-Secure SAFE subscription manually.

If your subscription is about to expire, and you have received a notification to renew your F-Secure SAFE subscription, do the following:

  1. Log in to My F-Secure with your account username and password.
  2. Select Renew now. A new window opens. The Renew F-Secure SAFE option is preselected.
  3. Select Continue to checkout. The Renew your subscription page opens.
  4. Review your purchase, and select Buy now. Your subscription is renewed based on your original subscription (license period and number of devices).
  5. Select Back to My F-Secure to go back to your account.

Once your payment is received, a confirmation email is sent to you, and there is no further action required by you.

Your renewed subscription shows up immediately in your My F-Secure account; for mobile apps, the subscription may take a few hours to refresh.

If you would like to increase the amount of devices in your subscription, first renew your subscription, then click Buy more in your My F-Secure account to purchase more licenses.