My F-Secure FREEDOME promotional code does not work

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Note: This article applies to you only if you have a standalone version of the F-Secure FREEDOME product.

You have received a promotional code for F-Secure FREEDOME. When you enter the code in the FREEDOME app, the app does not accept it.


As there are several types of promotional codes for F-Secure FREEDOME, there are a number of reasons why your code may not work. Here are the most common scenarios:
  • You already have a purchased FREEDOME subscription and you try to renew the subscription with a promotional code.
  • You have a promotional code for one device (one installation counts as one device), and you uninstall and reinstall FREEDOME.
  • The promotion has expired. Note: F-Secure FREEDOME promotions are time-limited, so they expire after a specified time period.
  • The promotional code is not valid; for example, an F-Secure FREEDOME promotional code found on Google is not a valid code.


  1. When entering a code in FREEDOME, make sure that
    1. your internet connection is working
    2. you have entered the code correctly
    3. you enter the code in the correct place in the app. See article How do I enter the subscription code in F-Secure FREEDOME?
  2. Check the type of code
    1. Contact the person or website that provided you with the code for more details.
    2. If you have received a legitimate promotional code that does not work, contact F-Secure Customer Support for assistance.

    If you have checked all of these things and the code still does not work, contact F-Secure Customer Support.

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