What is a FREEDOME multi-device subscription and how does it work?

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A FREEDOME multi-device subscription is a subscription option that consists of 3, 5, or 7 devices and is available from F-Secure or F-Secure official resellers. One device uses one license of your multi-device subscription. The multi-device subscription comes with a subscription code in the following format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

Note: Subscriptions bought through app stores such as Google Play or Apple App Store do not apply here.

This type of FREEDOME subscription enables you to transfer a license from one device to another – regardless of the operating system.

This means that every time you insert your FREEDOME subscription code into the app, (Menu > Subscription > Have a code?) the app uses one of the licenses available with your multi-device subscription.

If all your licenses are in use and you insert your subscription code, FREEDOME detects this, and a license transfer is offered.

This is how you transfer a license.

Here’s an example:

If you have a valid subscription with 5 FREEDOME licenses, and you have used the subscription code with 5 devices, then these 5 licenses are all in use. If you then install FREEDOME on a 6th device, and insert your subscription code, the app prompts you to transfer a license.

Note: If you uninstall FREEDOME from a device, this does not release a license automatically. If you go on to reinstall FREEDOME on the same device, this takes up another license. But, by using the license transfer system, you can always make sure that your FREEDOME subscription is activated on the devices that you are currently using.

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