How should I interpret Ookla Speedtest results with F-Secure FREEDOME?

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If you are using Ookla Speedtest to measure your network speed, take the following points into consideration.

  • Turn off the location services on your device. Ookla Speedtest may use the location services to determine the closest server to you.
    If you have the location services enabled, it may result in, for example the following situation: Let's assume that you're currently located in Karlsruhe, Germany,and you've connected to the West Coast, USA, location with FREEDOME. When you run Ookla Speedtest, it gets your real location in Karlsruhe, Germany, from your device's location services, and opts to that server. All the speed test traffic makes then the following kind of a round trip:
    1. VPN tunnel from Karlsruhe, Germany, to the West Coast, USA
    2. Public internet from West Coast, USA, to the Ookla Speedtest servers in Karlsruhe, Germany
    3. Public internet from Karlsruhe, Germany, to the West Coast, USA
    4. VPN tunnel from West Coast, USA, to Karlsruhe, Germany

    It is roughly 9 000 kilometers straight from Karlsruhe to our servers in the West Coast, USA, but it is safe to assume it's at least 13 000 kilometers through the cables - and almost certainly considerably more. In other words, it is over 50 000 km distance that your speed test traffic is making, through a large number of various network devices.

    According to the laws of physics, with the speed of light, 50 000 km translates into 166 milliseconds - but even with fibre optic cables, it is only possible to get to approximately two thirds of the speed of light. This double round trip would therefore take at least 250 milliseconds, plus all the time spent in the various networking devices.

    Based on the above, it makes a huge difference if the Ookla Speedtest server is close to the FREEDOME location you've selected to use, or if it is close to your physical location.

  • Ookla Speedtest often remembers what server it has used previously and will use the same server if you're doing multiple tests in a row. Usually, you need to force the Ookla Speedtest app to stop to make the app select a new server to test with.
  • Ookla Speedtest uses HTTP protocol to measure the speed. However, most of the services where the network speed plays an important role use protocols other than HTTP. FREEDOME processes HTTP in a different way than the other protocols, and therefore the performance cannot be compared directly to the HTTP test results. For example, the video streaming services usually do not use HTTP, and the same applies to many file transfer protocols.
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