F-Secure FREEDOME terminates after asking for account elevation

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Khairul_AKhairul_A Posts: 272 F-Secure Employee


When you install or upgrade F-Secure FREEDOME, you are asked to elevate your user account and type in the administrator password as FREEDOME requires administrator rights for the configuration. Instead, FREEDOME fails to complete the configuration and terminates itself.


You may have manually removed your "root" account from the /etc/sudoers file on your Mac, which means you do not have sufficient access to allow FREEDOME to gain root access for the configuration.


To solve this problem, add "root" back to your /etc/sudoers file before you start installing or upgrading FREEDOME. After FREEDOME has been installed and you have successfully connected to a virtual location once, you may once again remove "root" from the /etc/sudoer file if you want to. Subsequent virtual location changes will not require root level access.

Note: Your next FREEDOME upgrade will again require "root" in the /etc/sudoers file.

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