Why do I need F-Secure SENSE Router in my home?

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A connected home has a high number of devices connected to the internet and/or to each other.

Internet connectivity has become a norm, and more and more products and devices are equipped with technologies that allow them to connect to the internet. A research study carried out by Gartner Research* predicts that the global number of devices connected to the internet will reach 26 billion by 2020. Some researchers forecast a figure as high as 100 billion IoT (Internet of Things) devices by the end of this decade. An average home already today has more than five devices connected to the internet. If the above predictions come true, in the near future, our homes will have more than 50 devices simultaneously connected to the internet.

By design, traditional security software is not able to handle the protection of all these devices. This is where F-Secure SENSE Router steps in. It is able to protect every device in your SENSE network, be it a mobile device, a desktop device or a smart device that you cannot install security software on.

F-Secure SENSE Router uses a three-layer protection system consisting of SENSE Router, the SENSE Router app, and the F-Secure Security Cloud. The SENSE Router app also adds an extra layer of protection within the SENSE network for those devices that can run the app.

Furthermore, if you are using the standalone version (not part of the F-Secure TOTAL package) of F-Secure SENSE Router, for the Windows, Mac or Android devices that leave the home network, the SENSE Router app provides protection on the go. With desktop computers and laptops running Windows or macOS, the SENSE Router app can be installed on up to 25 devices in total. This means either 25 Windows PC devices or 25 Mac devices, or a combination of both up to the 25-device limit; for example, 20 Windows PC devices and 5 Mac devices. If you happen to exceed this limit on your desktop devices, or have any other questions on this topic, please contact Customer Support.

Note: If you have bought SENSE Router with the F-Secure TOTAL package, the TOTAL package contains the endpoint protection apps both for your desktop devices and for the devices that leave the home network. For more information, see article How do I take F-Secure TOTAL into use?

* Middleton, P., Kjeldsen, P., & Tully, J. (2013, November 18). Forecast: The Internet of Things, Worldwide, 2013. Gartner Research.

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