How does F-Secure SENSE Router work?

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F-Secure SENSE Router is a secure router that sits between your modem and your connected devices in the home network. Both cabled (Ethernet) and WiFi connections are supported on both sides of the SENSE Router.

To set up, configure and operate the SENSE Router, either an Android or iOS mobile device is required. You start by installing the F-Secure SENSE Router app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, which guides you through the initial setup. During the setup, you connect SENSE Router to your existing home router and create a new, secure WiFi network. Once you have the SENSE network up and running, you move all your connected devices to your SENSE network. The SENSE Router app on your smartphone or tablet acts as the admin app, enabling you not only to operate your SENSE Router but also to see the security and privacy protection status in the SENSE network. Only one device that has the SENSE Router app installed can act as the admin app.

If you are using the standalone version (not part of the F-Secure TOTAL package) of F-Secure SENSE Router, for the devices that leave the home network, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, the SENSE Router app provides protection on the go. If you bought SENSE Router with F-Secure TOTAL, the TOTAL package contains the endpoint protection apps both for your desktop devices and for the devices that leave the home network. Devices that cannot have user-installed software, such as your smart TV or security camera, are protected by SENSE Router by monitoring all incoming and outgoing traffic on the network level.

When you purchase F-Secure SENSE Router, you are also purchasing a subscription-based protection service that provides you with constant threat analysis and continuous updates to both your SENSE Router and SENSE Router app. As these updates take place in the background, this means you are protected from the latest threats with no action needed on your part.