Using Parental Control on your child's iOS devices

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To use Parental Control, go to F-Secure SAFE, and tap Parental Control.

  1. To set a time limit for Internet browsing:
    1. Tap Time Limits.
    2. Tap the Use Time Limits slider to switch it on.
    3. Drag the slider to choose how many hours per day you allow your child to use the Internet on the device.
  2. To limit access to specific web content:
    1. Tap Content blocking.
    2. Tap Allowed content to allow only certain types of content to be accessible. A list of different categories appears.
    3. Tick the relevant boxes to select the type of content you want to allow.
  3. To limit access to specific websites:
    1. Tap Allowed websites to allow your child to access only certain websites.
    2. Tap the (+) button to add a website.
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