How do I protect my other devices with F-Secure SAFE?

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Before you can start protecting your devices with F-Secure SAFE, make sure that:

With your F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure TOTAL subscription, you can also protect your other desktop and mobile devices by either sending an installation link via email or an SMS.

  1. To protect your other devices:
    1. Log in to My F-Secure with your account username and password.
    2. In My F-Secure, select TOTAL apps in the top bar.
    3. On the My F-Secure dashboard, select SAFE.
    4. Select Add device. The Whose device do you want to protect? window appears.
    5. Select My device, and then select Continue. The Choose device type window appears.
    6. Select either Another computer, Tablet, or Phone, depending on the device you want to protect, and then select Continue.
    7. Select either Send by email or Send by SMS, enter the email address or the phone number, and select Send to send the SAFE installation link to the desired device.
    8. Follow the instructions in the message to install SAFE.
  2. On the device you want to protect:
    1. Select the link in the SMS message, or select Install Now in the email.

      F-Secure SAFE detects the type of device automatically.

    2. Select the device type, and then select Continue.

      For mobile devices, the Google Play Store or the App Store opens. For the PC/Mac, the installer downloads onto your computer.

Depending on the device you want to install F-Secure SAFE on, the installation procedure may vary slightly.