How can I wipe all data from my device via My F-Secure?

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If you suspect that your device is stolen, you can remotely wipe all your personal data and apps from it.

Note: This feature is available only for SAFE for Android. The "Lock/Wipe device" setting must be enabled on your device for it to work. This setting is disabled by default. Turning this feature on requires F-Secure SAFE to have device administrator permissions. In devices with Android OS 6.0, the Wipe command is not able to wipe the SD card automatically, due to permission consent query introduced by Android OS 6.0.

  1. Log in to My F-Secure from another computer or device.
  2. On the My F-Secure page, find the device you want to wipe from under your circle.
  3. Click or tap the device icon. This brings up a window with basic details pertaining to that device.
  4. Click or tap Finder.
  5. In the Finder window, click or tap Wipe.
  6. To wipe your device, click or tap the Wipe button. Device wipe deletes everything on the device, including F-Secure SAFE. Consequently, performing this action removes the device from My F-Secure.
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