What is Security Cloud?

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Security Cloud is an online service which provides rapid response against the latest internet-based threats.

As a contributor, you allow Security Cloud to collect security data that helps us to strengthen your protection against new and emerging threats. Security Cloud collects security data on certain unknown, malicious or suspicious applications and unclassified websites. This information is anonymous and sent to F-Secure Corporation for combined data analysis. We use the analyzed security data to improve your protection against the latest threats and malicious files.

How Security Cloud works

Security Cloud collects security data on unknown applications, websites, and malicious applications and exploits on websites. By subscribing to the Security Cloud, you enable us to collect the vital information to provide our security services and to enhance the security of our other services. For this purpose and for our services to work efficiently, it is essential for us to collect security data on unknown files, suspicious device behavior, or visited URLs.

Security Cloud does not track your web activity or collect information on websites that have been analyzed already, and it does not collect information on clean applications that are installed on your computer. Security data is not used for personalized marketing purposes.