What is My F-Secure?

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Katriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee

My F-Secure is the home of your protection. It is the management portal for all the devices that are protected under your F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure TOTAL subscription, and the place where you can start protecting your various devices.

Through My F-Secure you can:
  • Protect your own devices,
  • Protect your child's devices,
  • Invite family members or friends to join your group, and
  • Check account and payment details.

With a My F-Secure account, you can adapt the security to your individual needs. For example, adding children to your group enables you to set up Family Rules on their devices, so that they can explore the internet within safe boundaries. Inviting a family member or friend to your group is a good way of sharing your subscription. Once you invite someone to your group, a My F-Secure account is created on their behalf, so to activate the account, all they need to do is log in.

In My F-Secure, select Total apps in the top bar to start managing the products that are available to you:
  • SAFE
  • FREEDOME VPN (available only with F-Secure TOTAL subscription)
  • KEY (available only with F-Secure TOTAL subscription)
  • SENSE (available only with F-Secure TOTAL subscription)

Apart from managing your F-Secure product installations, all subscription-related information is available in the portal. The main page shows when your subscription expires and how many free licenses you have. If your subscription is about to come to an end or you have run out of licenses, you can extend your subscription and/or buy more licenses via the portal.

To view your subscription-related information, select Subscription in the top bar.

To access your account-related information, notification settings, and to edit your F-Secure email address, select <your name> > Account settings in the top bar.

You can manage your My F-Secure account also with mobile devices as the portal scales nicely to phone screen sizes.

Before you can start protecting your devices with F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure TOTAL, first register to My F-Secure and create an account.