What is F-Secure SAFE?

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F-Secure SAFE is a security service you can install on your computer, smartphone or table to protect yourself and your loved ones against various types of threats.

F-Secure SAFE provides virus protection against malicious applications (apps) that try to invade your privacy and steal valuable personal information, such as your identification details or your credit card details. SAFE also prevents criminals from using such apps to take control of your device and misuse it to spread harmful software or spam messages to other devices.

F-Secure SAFE also protects you and your loved ones while browsing the internet with features, such as:

  • Browsing protection (referred to as Safe Browsing on mobile platforms), which uses advanced cloud-based web reputation checking to verify the web pages and make sure only safe websites can be accessed;
  • Banking protection, which protects your online shopping and banking activities by securing the connection when you access an online banking portal;
  • Family rules; which protects your family with one subscription and helps you set healthy boundaries for kids' device use;
  • and website safety ratings, which categorize the search results and give an indication how safe or potentially malicious a web link might be.

To use the most up-to-date protection, you can opt to participate in the Security Cloud, an advanced and cooperative cloud-based scanning technology that checks the reputation of any file found on the device. This offers the fastest response time against new threats and protects against both existing and future threats.