How can I submit large samples exceeding 30MB to F-Secure?

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If your sample submission is larger than 30MB, you can submit the large sample to us via our FTP.

  1. Zip the sample(s) in a password protected archive. For security purposes, make sure the archived sample is password protected. Use the password:
  2. Open Windows Explorer or Finder (Mac), and paste the following location in the address bar:
  3. Upload (drag and drop) the file(s) in the FTP. Once uploaded, visit the Submit a Sample (SAS) page and upload a text file containing the file name(s) of the uploaded file(s).
  4. Tick the I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results box, and fill in the remaining fields with the appropriate information to help our analysts better grasp the issue faced.
  5. Click Submit sample file. An automatic ticket is generated and emailed to you. An analyst will reply to you accordingly upon handling the case.