Allowing file sharing with F-Secure firewall turned on

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This article describes how you can allow file sharing with F-Secure firewall turned on.

To allow file sharing:

  1. Open the product main user interface.
  2. On the main page, click Settings.
  3. Select Network connections > Firewall.
  4. On the Rules tab, click Add. The Add New Rule dialog opens.
  5. Enter a name for this rule.
  6. Select Allow as the rule type and click Next.
  7. Selecting the IP address or IP address range for the rule:
    1. Click Custom.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Enter the IP range you want to allow.
    4. Click Add to list.
  8. Select the following services for the rule:
    • IGMP/Internet Group Management Protocol
    • Windows file sharing and network printers
    • Windows network browsing
    • SMB over TCP/IP (TCP)
    • SMB over TCP/IP (UDP)
  9. Select the direction of the traffic - both inbound and outbound - by clicking the icon in the Direction column so that a double-headed arrow is visible.
  10. Select the alerting type and click Next. The summary of the rule you are about to create is displayed.
  11. Validate the rule by clicking Finish.
Your new rule is now shown on the rules list on the Rules tab, and it is automatically turned on.

You can add this rule also in PMC (Policy Manager Console) in advanced mode: In the Policy tab, under F-Secure Internet Shield, select Settings > Rules.