iOS and Android's location services may reveal your actual location even with FREEDOME turned on

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Content providers who utilize geoblocking may use other means to detect your location in addition to checking your IP address. One of the most commonly used methods is to utilize the device's (typically present on Android or iOS phones or tablets) built-in Location Services. It works by getting your real location using satellite navigation (GPS), phone and Wi-Fi networks.

If your device's Location Services is turned on, it is not possible for an app such as FREEDOME to prevent others from using the service.

You can turn off the Location Services from your device settings below:

iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Android: Settings > Connections > Location

Note: The Location Services may be located in a different place in the settings for some Android versions. Please see your device documentation for the exact setting placement.

There are no similar settings on Windows or Mac OS X.