How to allow a quarantined hosts file and exclude the file from scanning

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This article only applies to you if you have modified a hosts file and the file gets quarantined.

A hosts file that has been modified may trigger a detection (Redirected hosts file) because the scanning engines in our security products identify that an entry has been modified, and this modification may be malicious.

If this happens and a hosts file ends up in quarantine, allow the file, then exclude it from future scans.

Note: Only do this if you are sure that you want to exclude the hosts file.

  1. In the main view, select Tools.
  2. Select App and file control.
  3. With the Quarantined tab selected, select the hosts file (the detected file) and select Allow.
  4. Select Yes. This restores the file from quarantine and excludes it from future scanning.
The hosts file appears in the security product's Excluded tab.