How can I get the latest upgrade of F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway?

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This article explains what you need to do to get the F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway (MSG) product upgraded to the latest version.

Once F-Secure releases a new version of the MSG product, to get the new product version:

  1. Create a support request by using the support request form on our website.
  2. Fill in the required data in the support request form.
  3. In the details field, enter the Activation ID of your F-Secure MSG. Tip: You can find the Activation ID in the top-right corner of the admin console, and it is of format fsecure_production-xxxxxxxxx:


  4. F-Secure Support will release the upgrade package, and you can install it whenever most suitable for you.

To apply the product upgrade:

Note: Once the upgrade package has been released, the new software version will automatically be downloaded into the system.

  1. Before upgrading, perform a database check on each device. Go to System > Servers > Server [+] > db:


  2. Click Run Utility and make sure it results in "Database check completed":



  3. Start the upgrade by clicking System > Licenses and Updates > General > Upgrade:


Note: If your environment contains more than just one device, start by upgrading the master device first!

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