Administering Software Updater on Policy Manager (FAQ)

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This article lists frequently asked questions related to administering Software Updater.

Software updates module fails with code "Could not install update". What do I do?

If such an error occurs, first try to install the update again. If the error persists, contact our support team.

How do I know if the update installation on the client side is successful?

When the update is successful, the update line disappears. The duration will depend on the update installation time and Outgoing Packages Update Interval (default - 10 minutes). If the update installation requires a reboot, then the final result will be available only after all selected current round of updates are installed and the host is restarted.

Is there a history tab for me to check for successful/missing software updates?

You can access this information on Policy Manager Web Reporting. Here, you can see the installed and missing software updates per client. You can also check update status on the client side in the Software Updater policy statistics.

What happens if a user shuts down his/her computer in the middle of an update installation?

In this scenario, the update installation is interrupted. Before any installation round starts, Software Updater creates a restore point so the user can restore the system if needed.

Is there a slow link detection that won't allow updates to be downloaded on slow connections?


Will Neighborcast work with software updates?