What can I do when the product shows the virus definitions are old or out of date?

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Updates are considered old after seven days. You should always try to keep your virus definition database up-to-date as viruses can change very quickly, and F-Secure may release several updates per day.

If this is the first time the computer has been turned on in the last seven days, for example after a holiday, the entire update package will be automatically downloaded and installed within 30 minutes.

If the product still indicates that the virus definitions are out of date, try the following:

Note: Ensure that your product subscription or license is still valid.

  1. Check that your internet connection is setup properly and that it works. You need an active internet connection to receive updates.
  2. Right-click the product icon in the system tray, and select Check for updates.
  3. Check that the Windows date and time are correct. Incorrect settings can cause the product to report that your virus definitions are out of date.
  4. Make sure that you have enough disk space on your computer.
  5. Download and run the fsaua-reset tool. This resets the F-Secure Automatic Update Agent (fsaua).
  6. If the above actions do not help, we recommend that you first uninstall the product and then reinstall it.
  7. Finally, after reinstalling, if the product still shows that the virus definitions are old, contact F-Secure support.
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