How can I automatically add users to F-Secure PSE user repository?

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This article describes how you can add users to F-Secure PSE user repository automatically.

There are several ways to populate the user repository. The alternatives are the following:
  • Import users from a data source. We can import users from LDAP or file (LDIF or csv) and schedule the auto import to keep the user repository up to date.
  • Add one person or mailing list at a time from the Admin GUI.
  • Automatically add users when they release a message or request a Summary Digest from their Digest. Make sure that Automatic Profile Creation is enabled in End User Services > Digest Settings.

Automatic Profile Creation - users can only manage their Safe Senders or Blocked Senders lists if they have an entry in the User Repository. If you enable automatic profile creation, users who are not in the Repository will automatically be added when they request a Safe Senders or Blocked Senders List from their Digest. (Users are automatically sent a Digest even if they are not in the Repository, if one of their messages ends up in the Quarantine.)

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