Known issues and limitations for F-Secure Online Scanner

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This article points out currently known issues and limitations related to F-Secure Online Scanner.

  1. Online Scanner needs an Internet connection

    When Online Scanner scans files and memory, it queries the file reputation system located in the Cloud. To be able to do that, Online Scanner needs a network connection with Internet access.

  2. Online Scanner requires administrator rights to run

    Online Scanner needs admin privileges to scan system memory and files.

  3. Online Scanner may not report infections found during file scanning on AV-protected systems

    When Online Scanner scans system files, it opens them one by one. These read operations can be interrupted by existing antivirus software installed in the system, and if the files are found infected, the antivirus software blocks and removes them before Online Scanner. In such cases, Online Scanner reports that no infection was found although the infection itself is successfully removed.

  4. Checking Online Scanner functionality with an Eicar test file
    An Eicar test file is used to check if antivirus software file scanning is up and running. Online Scanner detects the traces malware leaves in the system: memory signatures, registry keys, system launch points, and so on. Online Scanner does not think Eicar is a threat when it is simply stored as a file. To make Eicar look like malware, create a launch point:
    1. Store the file locally; for example, as c:\windows\
    2. Create a random-named string variable in the registry under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run pointing to c:\windows\

    After that, Online Scanner finds Eicar as a system-wide infection.

  5. Running Online Scanner on Windows 8.1 when UAC is off

    When User Access Control is off (the lowest position of the slider in the UAC Settings dialog), a non-admin user cannot perform a scan at all even if they run it as an administrator. Online Scanner terminates the scan and shows an error. To make it running, set UAC on.

  6. Online Scanner does not start when Internet and local intranet security levels are set to High
    The Online Scanner user interface uses the functionality of an Internet Explorer Server object. To allow Online Scanner to operate, you must set IE settings to default:
    1. In the browser go to Tools > Internet options.
    2. Select the Security tab.
    3. Set Internet and Local intranet security levels to Medium.
  7. Online Scanner does not start in Windows Rescue mode

    Online Scanner cannot be run in Windows Rescue mode or Rescue mode with networking.

  8. Online Scanner and ASUS AI Suite 3

    If ASUS AI Suite 3 is running when Online Scanner scans the memory, the system may freeze. To workaround the issue, stop ASUS AI Suite 3 for the time of the scan.